Heaven state of North-East India

Meghalaya a state filled with natural beauty and abode of clouds. It is located in North-East India and having may tourist places in the lap of nature. Capital of Meghalaya is Shillong and it formed on 21st Jan. 1972. It is divided into 11 states. Many tourist places in Meghalaya with amazing sightseeing. It offering to have a different variety of foods, festivals, traditional and culture to the tourists.

Natural beauty is incomplete without rivers, forests and tourist places in Meghalaya. There are many rivers present in that state, Simsang river, Manda river, Ringge river, Gamol river and Bugi river. There are many forests, Nationa parks and wildlife sanctuaries to protect the many species and breed of birds and animals. National Parks: Nokrek NP, Balpakram NP, Wildlife sanctuaries: Siju Bird sanctuary and Nokrek Biosphere Reserve. There are many spots to visit and do adventure things. Famous Tourists places in Meghalaya like Cherrapunji, Tura, Shillong, Dwaki Village, Deep Darkvalley, Mawlynnog, Brahmaputra valley, Mawsmai Cave, Seen sister fall, Nohwet viewpoint and Root Bridge.

The interesting fact is that Nohkalikai falls is the tallest plunge waterfall in India, its hight is 1115 feet. One more fact Butterfly museum is the central museum which in Meghalaya. Its Famous festivals are Wangala (harvest), Nongkram (Dance festival). Its major dance and music forms are Doregata dances. Meghalaya is well known for its best Art and Craftwork. Works: Endi silk used to make colourful wraps and shalwar. And Cone-shaped bamboo rain shields known as Knup are also popular. It is the best place to feel like heaven and peace in the lap of nature.

Best time to visit in Meghalaya:

Meghalaya is a cold and fully cloudy place. For the withness the pleasant weather. The best time to visit Meghalaya in the winter season from October to March.

Tips For Travellers:

Go without a camera and capture the beauty of temples.

Its a place of worship so dress up properly.

Carry a bag with yourself to carry your shoes and other things.

It’s your responsibility to keep your environment clean.