Mount Abu, Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu is a hill station in western India’s in Rajasthan State, near the Gujrat border. it is situated on the hills of Aravali range and covered by forest. the beauty of the Rajasthan comes out with the rains. Many places to visit in Mount Abu are mention here. One of the best places in Mount Abu is Dilwara Jain temples, its consider one of the finest temples in the world for architecture and its top places to visit in Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar peak is another one of the in Mount Abu. Its is located inside the Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary and it is the highest peak in the Aravali range.

The peace of time and the perfect view of nature at the time of Sunset. Suns give amazing views behind the mountains at the Sunset Point. This sunset point is one of the most popular tourist attraction. In Mount Abu, there is a lake which is the largest manmade lake at such hight is Nakki lake. In this lake tourist trying tracking and boating for enjoyment.

There is one 14th century-old fort memory is Achalgarh fort build by Paramara dynasty. It’s the places to spot the history of Maharajas and a little bit to know the culture of Rajasthan. Its a great spot for adventures lover. There are many more places to visit in Mount Abu are Wildlife Sanctuary which has many different sp[icies of birds and animals. Jungle tracking and Safari are the main things to do it. Mount Abu is also famous for Honeymoon Point, it is located at the height of 4000 ft. giving a view of Nakki lake. Mount Abu is a beautiful place as well as adventures place. You must visit here with your loved ones.

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