Assam, evergreen State

Assam is the northeastern state of India. It is located south of the eastern Himalayas. Assam formed on 15th of august 1947 and its capital is Dispur. There is many best hill station in Assam but the Guwahati is called the ‘Gateway to North-East India’. In Assam many famous rivers such as Manas, Sbanisri, Sonai and Brahmaputra. One of the most interesting facts about the river Brahmaputra is it is the lifeline of Assam. Majuli Island in River Brahmaputra is the worlds largest river island. Assam a naturally god gifted place and has best hill station in Assam. There are many forest and wildlife sanctuaries like Kaziranga NP, Manas NP and Orang NP.

It is fully covered by many tourist attractions and sights seeing views. It is mostly famous for Assam tea and Assam silk. Many more tourist spots are Kamakhya temple, Umananda (Peacock Island), Navagraha (temple of nine planets) and Basistha ashram. Assam is very traditional and culture followed state. Its have its different and unique festivals and way to celebrate its. Its some well-known festivals are Bihu (Baishagu) and Sivaratri mela. It takes a different place in the field of art, dance and music. Its culture and traditions reflected in its arts, dance and music. There are some major dance and music forms are Bihu. And some arts and crafts, Jappi (traditional hat), toys made of clay, cork, wood and Bamboo. It’s very interesting and one of the most visiting places in India. You must have a visit to Assam once in life.